What a wonder - even a small amount of weight loss can have a multitudinous impact on a patient's health. What tools or techniques do you use in your daily practice with patients to help them keep the weight off? 


I think it's a much more positive reframe when we as practitioners discuss weight in regards to the fact that small changes can lead to big outcomes. Even 5% has some excellent research so that terminology or the term 'modest' or even 'light' weight loss can be a more positive messaging. I like the idea of moving away from that "Biggest Loser" mentality where people lose hundreds of pounds. What about healthy lifestyle and dietary practices that can make even small shifts for folks? I like that approach. 

Virginia Hultin replied on

I like the goal of working towards modest (5-10%) weight loss for a variety of reasons. It's not striving towards a certain BMI, which may or may not be appropriate for the patient, but rather meeting them where they're at and working towards a weight loss goal that is likely more manageable. Also, when working towards 5-10% weight loss, at a rate of ~1 lb per week, you can position the main goal as a specific habit and the weight loss as one potential outcome of that habit, in addition to other positive outcomes, like increased energy and mood. So when weight loss doesn't occur sometimes (this will definitely happen), there are other positive outcomes to celebrate. Touching on both the physical and emotional aspects of working towards modest weight loss!

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